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Cat's Eye (लहसुनिया)

Cat's Eye(लहसुनिया) : केतु ग्रह

Cats Eye(लहसुनिया) is a radiant milky and smokey gray coloured gemstone of Ketu(केतु ग्रह). It is an opaque gem, which is hot in type. It should be worn by the person who have weak Ketu(केतु ग्रह) in their horoscope to reduce the effect of Ketu(केतु ग्रह) in their horoscope. It protects from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases. Sometimes it does not suit the wearer, then it gives the signals like the wearer feels uneasiness, restlessness etc. It hepls in clearing the confusion in mind and gives stability in life and increses the positive energy of Ketu(केतु ग्रह). It protects from blackmagic, anxiety, fear from ghosts or bad dreams etc.

When and how to worn:

One should wore this on Tuesday or Thursday in the middle finger of the right hand. It can be set in Gold or Silver. Before wearing the ring, immerse it in raw milk, Ganga water and keep it for 24 hours and wore it after worship.

Why should you worn Gemstone

Gemstones helps in solving most of the problems of our life. One should wore proper Gemstone for a particular problem to get more benefits. They make our life blessed by releasing positive energy. People choose to wear gemstones to get solution for the problem they are facing in their life.

There are total 9 planets and each one of them represents a particular aspect of our life and each planet is symbolized for giving positive and negative impact on our life. There are specific gemstones corresponding to each planet. So you should get a proper advice to choose a proper Gemstone according to the problems that you are having.

How to get this Gemstone:

If you want to buy this stone i will deliver this to you within 8 to 10 days through post.
You can write an email to 卐manoj6005@gmail.com卐me or you can whatsapp 卐9431001096卐 me for the delivery procedures of the gemstones or the other services.